A friend an i in the fire

A friend and I stop and stare at the fire in us,
But we don’t understand it’s beneath us.
You see it coming with furious strength,
But you don’t bother to move.
You see the flaming mouth of its darkness,
You freeze like a statue, crying in fear, knowing it’s time to give out our inner strength.
You burst into the darkness searching for hope knowing you’re getting followed,
Next to come is the memory you block from childhood seeking why it’s there.
You see water flowing past you,
Looking in your reflection you see yourself change into the man you are becoming.
You get frightened again cradling in the corner,
You stare in the sky hoping for stars.
You see your follower and it’s your friend asking for help,
But yet you can’t help yourself.
You cry for insecurity of your life,
Focusing on nothing but your friend you grab his hand and hug him.
You notice he pop sparks of sins,
He rises and god asks for your hand.
You are damned in the fire of darkness,
You just stare at the yellow eyes of the beast knowing you can’t leave.